Latest Match Reports

2016 – Supers: Rd 2 v Beaconsfield

Rd 2 of the season finally came around after an extended 3 week break. We certainly knew footy is a winter sport when we got to the ground. Luckily the ground was lush and green but the stewards would have graded it a Heavy 9 and by the last qtr a Heavy 10. I felt this was a danger game for us given the soft preparation we had before this match up. The instructions were simple, basic wet weather footy and apply scoreboard pressure.

Within the first few minutes we got our bearings and we were peppering the goals from set shots and snaps. While it would have been handy to kick a few early, it was wet and windy so I couldn’t be too critical of the misses. Besides I missed the easiest one of all. I thought we took the honours in the first qtr without putting scoreboard pressure on and some of our forward entries were a bit wayward, but with Bumper and Cam setting the physical intensity I knew we had come to play.

The second qtr was much the same with the ball slipping around from end to end without goals being scored. Again we had some good chances in front of goals but just couldn’t convert any of our 10 shots. I didn’t think we were working hard enough for each other and we were playing into Beaconsfield’s hands by keeping the ball in pack situations. Some readjustments at half time saw a smaller half forward line and swapping Shawry into attack gave us a different look. The backs, led by the evergreen Zeuy, were getting on top and once again we had plenty of scoring shots.

It took until the dying seconds of the 3rd term before the straight shooting Quiche Lorraine registered our first goal. The sling tackle that caused the free kick ruffled some feathers and we saw the dark side of Matty McKay come to the surface. A lot of Hampton Park and Pines bad boy action was happening in the goal square as he flew the flag for the Tigersharks. With tempers flared and an 8 point lead at the 3qtr time huddle, we knew the first 10 mins of the 4th term was vital.

In the most positive sign of the season, the boys stood up and played the best qtr of footy when it mattered most. The ball spent most of the qtr in our forward half and when it did get out the backs and wingman had set up a wall to push it straight back in. Gav scored his and the team’s second goal mid way through and a few people must have thought the game was done and relaxed. That is the only reason I can think of why Scotty Palmer was sitting down in the goal square allowing his opponent to kick a goal to immediately reply! The last 5 mins was a real arm wrestle, but our consistent performers in Cade, Zeuy, Sean Brown and Gav all were influential and we were able to repel any more threats. A goal on the siren to Bish gave us the biggest lead of the game , and we walked off wet but satisfied. A great win in tough conditions and we look forward to improving again next start, particularly in front of goal.

2016 – Ressies: Round 1 v Coburg

Congratulations to the new captains for the reserves this year – Butter (Dean Wallin), Shawy (Geoff) and Ben Doughton.

On a perfect day for footy and our goal kicking resembling that of Travis Cloke the boys fought hard all day against a determined Coburg. A lot more goal kicking practice is in order. In saying that, the teamwork and handballing was a treat. Defence held up well all day. Great effort by all and well done to the new boys on their first game. Let’s all get down to training and take it right up to Beaconsfield.

Best players: Dean W, Ash, Squawk, Gos, Furnie
Goal kickers: Dean W 2, Ash, Rob S, Crackers, Ben, Gos

2015 – O50s & O45s: Round 3 v Beaconsfield

A big day for the 50’s boys last Sunday. Beaconsfield at their home ground is never easy but the 19 blokes that fronted put up a very good performance.

Our major failing was the inability to convert forward 50’s into scores. We had a lot of the ball in general play and the 3rd quarter was very pleasing with the amount of support running, shepherding and talking. We can still be better with our general foot passing and teams like Beaconsfield set the standard – they rarely miss a target and always put the ball to their teammates advantage.

That said, our form is good and we should look forward to Essendon in a couple of weeks at home for a win. Better players were Hedge, Possum, Harpo, Joffa, Macca, Rusty.

We then “doubled up” to play the Beacy 45’s and as there were zero 45’s players there it was a big ask. Beacy helped out with 3 or 4 players and we actually won the 1st quarter. That was where it stopped as Beacy ran over the top of us (to be expected).
This was a massive effort by our blokes and I am especially proud of the effort and the willingness to play. I reckon I speak for everyone at the club when I say well done – our effort was very much appreciated by the Beaconsfield club as well.

Better players were all of us that took the field.