Over 45s Match Reports

2015 – O50s & O45s: Round 3 v Beaconsfield

A big day for the 50’s boys last Sunday. Beaconsfield at their home ground is never easy but the 19 blokes that fronted put up a very good performance.

Our major failing was the inability to convert forward 50’s into scores. We had a lot of the ball in general play and the 3rd quarter was very pleasing with the amount of support running, shepherding and talking. We can still be better with our general foot passing and teams like Beaconsfield set the standard – they rarely miss a target and always put the ball to their teammates advantage.

That said, our form is good and we should look forward to Essendon in a couple of weeks at home for a win. Better players were Hedge, Possum, Harpo, Joffa, Macca, Rusty.

We then “doubled up” to play the Beacy 45’s and as there were zero 45’s players there it was a big ask. Beacy helped out with 3 or 4 players and we actually won the 1st quarter. That was where it stopped as Beacy ran over the top of us (to be expected).
This was a massive effort by our blokes and I am especially proud of the effort and the willingness to play. I reckon I speak for everyone at the club when I say well done – our effort was very much appreciated by the Beaconsfield club as well.

Better players were all of us that took the field.

2015 – Round 1 v Werribee

Sharkies: 7 . 1 . 43
Werribee: 7 . 6 . 49

Goals: Reecey 2, Simon 2, Rusty 1 , Unknown 2

Best Players: Team Effort


Match Report:

It’s a long drive to Werribee at the best of times, but with Longy babbling on in the car and Simon tailgating you all the way it becomes on extra-long trip!

On Wednesday night it looked like we would struggle for a team, but thanks to the efforts of the Gummy Sharks and the Reserves we were able to field a very competitive side. I would like to acknowledge all the Gummies who gave up the chance to play at Carrum and take the long drive to Werribee and to the Reserves players who played two games to help out the 45’s – Thanks guys, it was very much appreciated.

Thanks also to Longy who ran the bench and did the team managers job (with one arm!), Michelle Reece who helped Longy out and to Lennie’s young bloke who ran water for us. Thanks to Brenton and Billy who had to get us on the ground with limited medical supplies after Possum decided it was okay to leave the trailer at Wheels house – great effort boys.

After all that drama we managed to put up a good fight against an undermanned Werribee – we actually had more players than them but elected to take the field with 16 players each (another dumb move by the coach!). We struggled with the swirly wind and couldn’t manage to hit our targets regularly, despite that, our kicking for goal actually kept us in the game.

The team comradery, hard running and intensity at the ball was fantastic. For a bunch of blokes who got scraped together and slapped on the field at the last minute (we didn’t finalise the side until we were about to run out) it was a remarkable effort. It may sound a little tough, but in the end the game went begging – we certainly could have come out winners on the day.

All in All an enjoyable day.

2014 – Round 11 v Coburg

Finally, got out of the blocks well and established a handy quarter time lead. Blokes were making contests and getting numbers around the ball really well and creating enormous pressure on the burgermeisters whenever they got the ball.

Longy was super in the first half well supported by Joffa, Skull, Emmo, Macca and Lance. Big Kenneth Rust was his usually strong and dependable self and dished a few off to dispel the hungry myth. Gaz Hofert kicked a spectacular goal but sadly got crunched and suffered a broken collar bone. Long recovery and his dream of opening the bowling for Ballam Park will be on hold for another year (thank god say the Ballam Park fielders, bugger say the opposition batsmen). The defence, well led by Dall and Jonesy, was again super reliable and helped by some good efforts by Harpo we kept them out all day.

Good way to finish the season and we can confidently match it with the Beaconsfield and Williamstown next year if we continue to play that type of footy.

2014 – Round 10 v Plenty Valley

Great team effort by the gummies to get over the top of a reasonable opposition. Everyone played their part, the AFL boys could take a leaf from some of the pressure acts applied by the old gummysharks. Effort and intensity was fantastic and after quarter time we completely outplayed the other mob. This was in spite of them running 3 blokes of very dubious age out for the last quarter, tipping none of them saw man land on the moon. Their number 8 will be remembered for his gutless coward punches to the back of the docs head. Just a shame no one saw this happen. Great having 3 umpires!!!!!. Make no mistake – he will be dealt with sooner or later. Gummies are on a roll and we will finish the season off strongly against Coburg in a couple of weeks.

Ah premier division – its a joy to be there.

2014 – Round 9 v Ascot Vale

The 47’s managed to sneak across the line with a 2 point win despite facing an opposition who loaded up in the last quarter with a 3 or 4 blokes who looked way too young for our competition. Gave them the benefit of the doubt til they ran the last qtr 3 and a half minutes over and then they got caught out with 19 blokes on the ground against the reserves. Either cheaters or just dumbarses not sure which, probably dumbarse cheaters actually- Memo to self-take timekeepers to away games.

We started the game really well and with Macca, Lance, Joffa, Pottsy and Emmo getting plenty of the ball we dominated possession. Sadly we torched the forward entries. Late goal to Rusty gave us a little break at quarter time. 2nd qtr was a repeat of the first and with Dall and Hedge and JB picked up a lot of ball across the back line the other mob never really threatened until the fountain of youth struck in the last quarter. Again some great efforts by our back six kept us in the lead and although the last qtr went for 18 and a half minutes we managed to hang on. And a special mention to the Doc who set up a goal for Rusty and did a heap of good work in the contests for us.
Thanks to fatty and rick p who gave us a chop out. If anyone else over the age of 47 can help out and ease the load on these blokes that would be great

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