Over 50s Match Reports

2015 – O50s & O45s: Round 3 v Beaconsfield

A big day for the 50’s boys last Sunday. Beaconsfield at their home ground is never easy but the 19 blokes that fronted put up a very good performance.

Our major failing was the inability to convert forward 50’s into scores. We had a lot of the ball in general play and the 3rd quarter was very pleasing with the amount of support running, shepherding and talking. We can still be better with our general foot passing and teams like Beaconsfield set the standard – they rarely miss a target and always put the ball to their teammates advantage.

That said, our form is good and we should look forward to Essendon in a couple of weeks at home for a win. Better players were Hedge, Possum, Harpo, Joffa, Macca, Rusty.

We then “doubled up” to play the Beacy 45’s and as there were zero 45’s players there it was a big ask. Beacy helped out with 3 or 4 players and we actually won the 1st quarter. That was where it stopped as Beacy ran over the top of us (to be expected).
This was a massive effort by our blokes and I am especially proud of the effort and the willingness to play. I reckon I speak for everyone at the club when I say well done – our effort was very much appreciated by the Beaconsfield club as well.

Better players were all of us that took the field.

2015 – Round 2 v Beaconsfield

We played our old sparring partner Beaconsfield at home today and although we controlled the game and the scoring for the first 3 quarters Beacy ran over the top of us in the last quarter. Big Lance had a great game, particularly as he was up against a behemoth in the ruck. Lance broke even in the ruck and smashed the big bloke around the ground. One particular effort saw Lance sprint 100 metres to get to the goal line for a Beaconsfield set shot which he was able to touch through for a behind. Joffa, Pottsy and Jonsey did really well as did Possum and the entire backline led by the 2 Duncans and Hoff. Phil Harper continued his good form with a solid display. Possum was in and under (well, where else would he be?)

Great to have Steve Reid return but very sad to see Pete Ricca suffer what is probably a season ending Achilles injury. The self-appointed “second best hands in the club” was going beautifully until the injury. Our thoughts are with you Pete. Looks like you will be joining Emmo, Ronnie and Longy on the bench duties.

Back to Beacy next week for another crack at them. We know whats required so lets have a good crack at getting over them.

2015 – Round 1 v Carrum

The fiddies played at Carrum on Sunday and with the addition of Lurch and Smoo from Carrum along with Umpire Tony O’Shea and the return of Meat took the field with 3 on the bench. This situation didn’t last long however with Presidente leaving at ¾ time to ferry the trailer to Werribee, Phil Emmit suffering a bad knee injury, Darth Varga stretching his hammy again, Doc Duggan popping a shoulder. Finished the game all over the top of the Cowboys playing 1 short and failed by 1 solitary point.

Joffa and Meat were everywhere all game racking up possessions, Harpo was unpassable in the back line and Tony showed that as an umpire he makes a reasonable footballer. Doc, Hof and Smithton were solid in the backline and Dunc Turner was terrific between the fifties.

Skull and Pottsy did really well in the midfield against a dominant ruckman from Carrum and Pottsy in particular was his usual unpredictable and creative self with a ton of the ball.

Next game we are at home against Beaconsfield and we will take some reasonable form in against them and we will or should regain Possum, Hedge, JB and Greenie.