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Club History

  • 2001

    Tigersharks 2001

    The club was formed in the summer of 2000-01 by two blokes whose sons played junior footy together. Dave McLean and Kane Davies had a few runs with Keysborough Superules during that season and decided that it was the time for big time Superules to be unleashed on sleepy old Frankston town. Through advertising in local gyms, local footy and cricket clubs and a massive mail drop, the first pre-season training run took place at Ballam Park on a hot Wednesday night – with 6 blokes turning up. A bloke who had just moved into the area from Kew rolled up in a Brisbane Lions jumper – his name was John Brassil. Two brothers rolled up and thought – what the hell is going on here? They decided to stick around see what happens next. The bigger burlier one slotted himself at full forward and proceeded to take on all comers and win the League best and fairest in the clubs first year – his name was Mark Hofert. His brother, Gary Hofert, played the other end of the ground and was subsequently named at full back for just about every game he played with the club – and he's still having a kick. He is also the clubs game record holder.

    Tigersharks 2001

    A few of the other blokes to pull on the Davies designed Tigersharks jumper that year were David Aitcheson and Peter Hogan – both ex-Chelsea champions, the speedy wing duo of Lenny Warren and Stephen Farrow, the tough ruggedness of nude nut Peter Wyatt and the Mad Dog in Paul Kalisis. Darren Paganoni, fresh from playing seniors at the Karingal FC, made an immediate impact and was sensational on a half forward flank.

    The Sharks had another new side in Marcellin first up at home. Marcellin went on to win the flag in 2001 – and started off their season with a 69 point victory over the Frankston boys. Victory was only one more game away when the boys beat Parkdale by 32 points. The game was highlighted by 6 majors by Mark "Hooch" Hofert, who kicked a goal on the half time siren that sailed through the goals and ended up going through the open window of a car into the lap of a lady watching the footy. It was also infamous for Steve "Jatz" Cowan sliding through the mud in the guts after taking a chest mark – and showing all around him that he doesn't like wearing jocks under his footy shorts and why his missus really married him!! The boys really gelled after that and played good competitive Superules footy only to be pipped from playing finals by a mere half of one percent after the final home and away game.

  • 2002

    Season 2002 saw Powell Cooper take on the coaching role and saw the Sharkies pick up some very talented footballers and play off in the semi-final to eventual premiers in the MFB. Ian Quinton, Glynn Morley, John Scicluna and our old mate Greg Kerr (ex Dandy, Brunswick and now at Hallam) all had good solid seasons. Glenn Goldmsith was runner up to the Hooch in the B&F, and Hooch also won the goalkicking award for the second year running. Some of the more memorable moments was Johnny Brassil taking on ex-Carlton premiership player Mark Athorn and coming off second best, Big Darryl Rowland getting ko'd by a hospital pass from a teammate at Collegians and the advent of the Bite, which would keep Gaz up all night – replying to himself for a record 32 posts over 5 hours when no one else had any idea what he was up to – until now!!! The boys also had their first trip away – to Lakes Entrance. A very hazily memorable trip that was highlighted when a biker dude stole Paully Kalisis footy and all hell nearly broke loose, Peter Wyatt's 40th when the boys bombed him with vodka shots in his schooners all arvo and nearly killed him. Paul 'Razor' Irving falling from his bunk after dropping a lit ciggy in the caravan and a few boys getting a taxi to Bairnsdale after a very dodgy 'promise' from a couple of old slappers.

  • 2003

    The start of season 2003 saw another new coach, in Ron Roach with his assistant in Garham Lyngcoln. The Sharkies also had a new home ground at Baxter Park after Ballam Park was being renovated. It was to be a very cold wet and windy place for the Sharkies, who only won the two games that season – both against Dandy West. The win away at the Dandy showground was highlighted by a 50 plus metre bomb form the full back of the century and a pass to Johnny Brassil who kicked the sealer with seconds to go. And celebrated with a very dodgy Micheal Jackson moonwalk!! Also not very memorable for Brendan 'Boomer' Brimingham, who dislocated his shoulder for the second time that season. Players to make their debuts that season include Dave Carlson, John Reece, Pete Gordon, Phil Pearman, Greg Sykes, Phil Tennick, Ronny Varga and Phil Jones.

    In the last game against Springvale in weather that could only be described as very inclement – the boys had to hold little Ronny down to stop him from blowing away. Wise old Rob Smith, mused that it was a very lazy wind as it didn't go around you but right through you. This from a guy who fell over a witches hat that was covering a rabbit burrow and did his ankle. A very intense customer was old Robby, loved to play very close during training drills and was once pinged by an umpire for holding on to the footy as he didn't want to do anything but to handball it to his idol and nemesis in Hooch. Amazingly, the Tigersharks played off in a semi-final with only 2 wins for the year. With only 6 clubs in Division 3 that year -a couple of wins was all that was needed. They were soundly beaten by the old foe in Collegians – who went on to lose the GF to Springvale by 3 points. Hooch picked up his third best & fairest in a row and also his third goal kicking trophy.

  • 2004

    Tigersharks 2004

    This year saw the Tigersharks land at Lloyd Park , Langwarrin. The boys trained under coach Phil Jones at Ballam Park all summer and the night before the first game saw over 30 blokes training on a very balmy Wednesday eve. There were some notable inclusions in that side that beat Footscray in round 1. Rob 'Ossie' O'Brien, Anthony 'Buggs' Barry, Andrew 'Toey' Kelly and one very angry grey haired old fella who got stuck into the biffo right away, in Greg Wheeler. Wheels was selected that day in the back pocket and judging by the nickname of 'Pigeon' has cemented that spot over the years. The second game, away at Sunshine, saw the debut of Andrew McCully (well, all 30 seconds of it!!) Macca suffered a nasty gash to his forehead early on in the game and was rushed to the local hospital for some urgent stitching. Brassil remarked he hadn't seen a gash that big since he borrowed the "Devil In Miss Jones" off Steve Simone. This was to be one of the most successful seasons of the Tigersharks. The Round 4 clash against Beaconsfield was to be the start of something special. The boys rocked up and the feeling in the rooms was electric. The Sharkies banged on 5 first quarter goals to completely blitz the Beacy boys. Self-proclaimed full back of the century, Gary Hofert, suffered a broken rib and disjointed hooter after being belted by their thug of a full forward ( Seems a recurring theme – ruggedly handsome, fair but tough full back being bludgeoned by thuggish full forward). Steve Cowan suffered a nasty cut to his knee after slipping in the dunny at half time then running out and diving onto an exposed sprinkler head, claiming the latter was the culprit.

    The season got better and better for the Frankston boys. They were never out of the four and for 2 games were sitting on top of the Division 3 ladder. Going into the semi-final against Sunshine, the Sharkies had a 7-4 win loss record. The semi was one of missed opportunities as the Sharkies rued the loss with shots on goals going astray and the opposition making them count when the mattered.

    The trip away that year was to Tocumwal, where a certain member of the club was making inroads with a hostie from JetStar when his grass was well truly cut by one of his mates. To say she was largish is understating the truth. When she went to hop in the courtesy bus, Brassil shouted out "Quick, everyone to the other side of the bus or she'll tip it over!!!"

  • 2005

    Tigersharks 2005

    This year was to be the most ordinary in the short history of the club. The less said about it the better. But as I am being paid by the word for this chronicle, I shall forge on.

    It started by being beaten in Round 1 at home by Eastern. The now infamous Brassil-Gaz punch on after the game was the talking point for weeks to come. Gaz was adamant that '70′s pop star Gary Numan also held a light aircraft pilots licence. Brassil uttered some profanities about Mr. Numan and it was on for old and old. The Sharkies went on to win only 3 games that season. The ploy by coach Phil Jones before the last game at Murrumbeena was interesting to say the least. Phil decided to bring an esky into the rooms and open it for the boys to have a can prior to running out but some blokes took it way too far. Greg Wheeler had 4 Bundys and it showed as his now infamous shot on goal from point blank range just managed to sail through for a minor score. Even to this day his kids still hang it on him.

    The trip away was to the sunny climes of Albury. The AA & A club and the Busted Arsehole were the favoured haunts. Some of the boys played golf at Howlong on the Saturday before crawling back into town for a huge one. The Ovens and Murray GF on the Sunday saw a ripping game decided on the final kick of the day and some members of the club bought some unwanted baggage back home with them to Frankston (and I'm not talking about the Keno pencils from the North Albury Sports club either!!).

  • 2006

    This would be a challenging year for the Sharkies both on and off the field. Firstly Langwarrin gave us the heave ho and despite our attempts to lock in a home at Karingal, that only lasted one game. On a positive note we got to play a game at the home of Frankston football, the Dolphins VFL ground at Kars St. From there we played home games at YCW and then Pines. So basically when we played at home we played away and when we played away …aah!! we played away.

    The season saw the introduction of new chums in John Collins, Dean 'the tattooed one' McCrystal and for a couple of games Gary 'Zeuy' Zeuschner.

    The highlight of the year was a one point win over nemesis Hallam in the first night game for the club. In the end though the Sharks trotted out 3 wins and ended the year eighth with a nail biter last game against Box Hill summing up the fortunes of the season. Renowned GKR (goal kicking ruckman) Dawesy had every young boys dream (or in this case nightmare). A shot after the siren to win the game for the Sharkies went perilously close but no cigar. Dawes suggests that as with Malcolm Blight he was at least 70 out, but the consensus was he was a just out of range 40 out. Johnny Collins in his first year won the best & fairest with Dawesy & Macca runners up.

  • 2007

    Changes aplenty greeted the club at the start of the 2007 season with a new president Macca, a new coach Dawesy, new co-captains Zeuy & John Collins and a new home Pines (however, due to the drought we couldn't play there and instead went to Frankston bombers).

    The year started off with the Sharks registering a team in Pambula for the carnival for the first time. A success with 3 wins from 4 games but more importantly a crew of 16 who made the trek and started the bonding.

    With Keysborough folding there was an influx of new players with Russ King, Choco Petulas, Neil Fisher, Simon Haidemous, Jimmy Logan, Rocky, Rick Peters all joining the club. Others such as Dave Holyhead, Chris Maclean (Cmac), Paul Govaars, Eddie Fischer, Yob Sutton, Granny (Wayne Franklin), & Randall Harris also made their debuts. Also, Rob Jackson returned to the club. With all the new players the club was able to field a Masters side as well for the first time.

    The season saw Dawesy have themes for each game and the mantra Courage Endurance Mateship Sacrifice became the clubs catchcry.

    An emphatic 78 point win against Hallam in the opening home game in round 2 set the scene for the season with the new look Sharks meaning business. Their 8 goal first quarter was a club record opening term. When they smashed Murrumbeena they recorded their highest score 21.18.144, and highest winning margin 117 points. Losses away to Footscray and Glen Orden saw the Sharks finish the regular season in 3rd place. Missing club captain Zeuy in the semi-final didn't stop the Sharks winning the clubs first final against Footscray with Eddie Fischer playing a starring role. Unfortunately Eddie would be missing for the Grand Final which saw the Sharks lead for 3 quarters only to be overrun by 7 points against Glen Orden. However 8th to 2nd was a good improvement. Best & Fairest that year was Dave Holyhead with Zeuy winning the goal-kicking. In the masters Simon was best & Fairest and Rusty King won the goal-kicking.

  • 2008

    The only change in hierarchy for 2008 was Zeuy becoming assistant coach and Holly joining JC as co-captains.

    New faces included Geoff Shaw, Matt Shaw, Steve Shaw, & Damien 'Hardy' Hardstone.

    The Sharkies were out for revenge and started the season with a seven goal quarter against old foes Hallam, a margin they were to hold for the game. Coach Dawesy suffered a broken collarbone which was to keep him sidelined for the season, however, the Sharks juggernaut rolled on with solid wins over Eastern districts and Cranbourne. When they met fellow undefeated side Knox Lions, their confidence skyrocketed as they kept the Lions to one goal and won by ten. A win for the first time against Footscray at Footscray was followed by a new club record score of 26.9.165 against Federal Bayside. The margin of 140 points was also a club record. A tough win against Werribee at Werribee was followed by a couple of easier wins and another win over Hallam. The semi saw the Sharks obliterate Hallam for a 3rd time in the year with a 46 point win.

    The grand final was a tough and rugged contest and in the end the Sharks hung on grimly to beat Werribee 7.10.52 to 7.5.47, five point winners. It was the club's first premiership and also a 13 game undefeated season.

    Zeuy won both the league and club medal for best & fairest and also the league and club goal-kicking with 40 goals predominantly from the midfield. The masters had a tough year and finished with 4 wins but the numbers continued to grow. Rusty won the best & Fairest and goal-kicking.

  • 2009

    After a successful grand final win the sharks supers went up to Division 2 and also added an over 47's team for the first time.

    Matt Shaw became the clubs captain and Damien Hardstone his deputy. New players to the club included John Rowe, Paddy Swain, Steve Vaughan, Gav Hiku, and Gav Artico.

    The season started with an uninspiring performance against Parkdale whereby the Sharks looked out of their depth.

    However, the next two games at home saw the Sharkies beat eventual premier Darebin and have a thumping 7 goal victory over Melbourne. Round 4 saw the wheels fall off as they travelled to a place called South Morang (I think it's in Victoria) to play the undefeated Northern Districts. In a low point, not only did the Sharks get smashed by 68 points, but they had to play the last quarter with 15 players as two senior Sharkies were yellow carded and injuries had depleted the bench. Who would have thought that the Sharks would not lose another game till finals.

    A 148 point shellacking of Old Scotch was the response from the Tigersharks upon return to their home ground a fortnight later. A highlight being the number of goal-kickers who were contributing to the scoreboard.

    Wins over, Western Devils, Peninsula Raiders and Craigeburn followed and then a final game humiliation of 2007 premier Glen Orden by 111 points capped off a terrific first season in Divvy 2. The win over Glen Orden was very pleasing considering our Grand Final loss two years before.

    The semi-final would prove to be a bit too much as despite the sharks dominating the first quarter they couldn't get it done on the scoreboard and ended up losing to Darebin by 42 points.

    While still on the ground after the final siren Shane Dawes announced to the players that he was standing down as coach. Three successive finals campaigns, two grand finals and a Premiership as well as never losing a home game were the highlights for the outgoing coach. A new era begins.

  • 2016

    Coming off the back of the 2015 Premiership, expectations were high. Premiership Coach Danny Janson had stepped down to spend more time with Family and focus on his rehab from a knee reconstruction. As such, the Tigersharks appointed new coach Brad Wakeling for the 2016 and 2017 seasons. Wako joined 2's coach John Reece and and 50's coaches JC and Poss . Other new players joining to the club included Luke Robertson, Daniel Rigg, Michael Spencer andSam Bramwell.

    The Supers unfurled the 2015 flag in round 1 and picked up where they left off with a resounding 12 goal win against Coburg. The high scoring start to the season continued through the first 3 rounds, and the controversial coaching move of clearing out the forward line and funnelling everything through the Full Forward appeared to be working as the reigning premiers skipped to a 3 – 0 start. Rd 4 saw a top of the table clash with eventual grand final opponents Williamstown, and the Tigersharks got a reality check with a 6 goal loss and an understanding that the standard of the comp had been raised again. The remainder of the year went according to plan with the Tigersharks rebounding and putting in strong performances, highlighted by the rd 8 thumping of the Diamond Valley by 214 points. 9 goals to star midfielder Cam Leopald secured his second consecutive League B&F and the story goes that the only point Diamond Valley scored that day was a rushed behind. In the last round we suffered our 2nd lost for the year in unusual circumstances. With 2nd spot secured regardless, Marcelin contacted us to ask if they could add some ring ins to their team. We didn't mind, until Shane Crawford, Daniel Hartford, Paul Hudson, Joel Smith and 4 or 5 other ex AFL players lobbed! What a great opportunity to share the ground with some legit stars of the game. Don't think Razor cared too much as he tried to punch on with Crawf!

    The supers Won a tight first final against Essendon by 8 points to advance to their 2nd consecutive grand Final, but ultimately were out played after qtr time to lose by 7 goals to Williamstown. Cam Leoplad, won the League B&F but was pipped by 1 vote for the Club award by first year player Daniel Rigg and after manipulating the game plan to suit, Wako won the League goal kicking with 31 goals.

    The Reserves battled hard all year and missed the finals by one game, finishing the season with a 5 and 4 record. Dave Bellville had a dominant year and ran away with the B&F

    The 50's finished the year in 3rd place with a 6 and 3 record. Russ "Rusty" King collected the B&F and leading goal kicker trophies.

  • 2017 - A changing of the guard

    Fresh off an dominating season in Southern division, Parkdale joined the premier ranks and immediately lifted the standard of supers footy.

    Wako continued coaching the Supers, Matt Shaw took the reins of the 2s and JC and Poss lead the 50s once again. New players to the club included Ian Walles, Sammy Watson, Ben Wehner, Sean Johnson, Joey Nicholson, Nick Marathogiannis and Jack Begbie.

    The season started in horrendous conditions at Beaconsfield, with rain and hail coming in sideways. But that didn't stop the debut of the eventual best and fairest winner Shane Urbans pulling on the boots. Fresh from a parma and pot at the pub for lunch, Urbs came "just to watch", but the mud lark couldn't help himself and borrowed a pair of boots and joined in! Our first goal for the day came on the 3qtr time siren but remarkably that put us in front! We went on to win that game 2.8 to 3.10.

    It was an up and down start to the season with an early loss to Marcelin and a resounding win against the reigning premiers Williamstown in the first 4 rounds. However our confidence was short lived when we ran into eventual premiers Parkdale who beat us by 7 goals. The squad were getting tired and numbers dropped off towards the end of the year which resulted in our 3rd loss for the year against Coburg which ultimately cost us a spot in the finals.

    The Supers finished the year off with a 7 and 3 record and missed finals on %. This group's successful era looked to be coming to an end and we needed some fresh faces. A rebuild was on the cards. Shane Urbans capped off his stellar debut season with a clear victory in the B&F

    The Reserves again battled hard for the year and just missed out on finals finishing 5th again with a 6 and 4 record. Mick Spenser saluted for the B&F narrowly edging out Matt Hammett who also won the Goal Kicking.

    The 50's had another solid year finishing 4th with a 7 and 3 record. Joe Ganci blitz the votes and was a clear winner of the B&F

  • 2018

    New coach on board in Glenn Shannon, but we continue to lose players and get injuries to whoever we have left, and the club bottoms out. Players were sometimes playing 2, 3 and even 4 games in a day just so we didn't forfeit. Highlight of the season a win in the seconds over Williamstown at their ground in the most atrocious conditions imaginable.

    New guys that year Brett McNeill, big Ox, and Nick Munday. This year was most notable for the work done off the field, as after 9 great years at The Pines ground we decided to take the plunge and play our footy at Frankston Park from 2019.

  • 2019

    First year at Frankston Park, and the move revitalises the club. Numbers are up across the 4 teams, with new notables Shane Blick, Chris Fortnam, Taylor Irish, Mark Jackson, Tony Lester Dave Sheahan, Paul Tredrea and Heath Whiteside.

    There are instant results as the Supers win their 4th flag against Peninsula, coached by Tristan Lanerus. The Masters also play off for the flag, coached by John Reece, and are very unlucky to lose. Wako wins his second League goalkicking.

  • 2020

    Looked very promising again, then COVID struck. The committee and senior players did a great job continuing to remain in contact with the playing group, which has been a hallmark of the club through difficult times.